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We should probably use this space to tell you about how we’re a bunch of passionate interior designers, who can enhance your business processes and realize your objectives. How we understand the relationship between people and space, so we can deliver dynamic interiors that work time and time again. Or something.

But that’s all just words. Just waffle. It doesn’t really mean anything. The truth is that the Sheila Bird Group is a chance to do things differently; a desire to change, improve, inspire and reward. That’s why this site has been created to show you what we do and how we think, rather than just tell you.

This is what gets us excited: what kicks us out of bed, rocks our world and floats our proverbial boats. If you like it too then the chances are we should meet up – talk all about you, rather than all about us.

about this website

Firstly, this is not a website.

Yes, it’s a site, and yes, it’s on the world wide web. But the word website is such a rigid one. Websites have structure and order. Websites are full of facts and figures and click heres. Websites are static.

This is an experience: a journey, an adventure, a train of thought, a stream of conscience, a tiny spark, a flash of inspiration. But a website? Not really. Everything you’ll find on here is important to us, whether it’s a project we’ve created (look for the black boxes), a film that impressed us, a picture that inspired us, or a person who influenced us.

So feel free to have a nose around – take a tour of what’s going on in our head. You can use your mouse to search around the screen or zoom right in to the depths of our imagination. We’re always adding to it, so there’s no end to what you might find, but if you see something you like then get in touch – great minds think alike and all that.

If you prefer to go straight to our work you can use the “our work” tab

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26 Lever street roof top extension

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sheila bird

Welcome to the Sheila Bird Group.

There's a lot to look at on here. A lot of stuff. Some of it's stuff that we've done, some of it's stuff we like, some of it's stuff we've seen in the news, but it's all stuff that will tell you a little bit about us – how we think, how we work, how we can help you.

Have a look around and if you’d like to know more, click the tab on the right, or get in touch.

We are an office interior design company based in Manchester, specialising in interior office refits and new developments.

We work closely with our clients to get the most out of the space available, making interesting experiences that users will engage with and cherish.

The Big Shebang is a web presence designed to show you our work and the type of things that inspire us. It is a constantly evolving and expanding universe of images and ideas so no two visits to the Shebang will ever be the same.

Love made me do it
12-1 the surprisingly fast stand-by line Arab #architecture - La Muralla Roja, Calpe Oh Vienna zaha hadid chanel mobile art : central park Drawing :-) A busy Month ! PropTech 3.0: The Future of Real Estate UNBOXING | BODA SKINS LEATHER JACKET  | DANNY YU BODA SKINS - Hand Crafted Luxury



City Lab working with @TweetsbyMSP and @AmspecUK

Building Blocks

Blue Chip Marketing

access to music Manchester

still looking cool guys -yep a 👈100% cool crib 👈 https://t.co/V9dFE2pqD0

Count on it ❤️ https://t.co/t8mvLovvGR

she came, smiled and got our vibe, say Hello to Rachel we are so pleased that she has said "yes" to joining our gang. Carl and Chris even got dressed up in their best to make her feel at home 🙏🙏🙏

@JenWilliamsMEN Progress !!!

One of my favourite place in this amazing building https://t.co/mlvvWMYEtj

@Peak_HQ @Bruntwood_UK Team tagging at its best

chanel mobile art : central park Floral Garland and Candle Lanterns down the Stairs | Albert Bardina Photography | Modern Industrial Fall Wedding illuminated Chanel Mobile Art Pod zaha2 zaha3 Fire station I want to do this with our stairs at school... great installation! Measure boards, industrial caulk/glue? Ask for paint colors from the revamp. FUN! if you run, you fall Fire station A Tour of WeWork’s Culver City Coworking Space - Officelovin' Boda Skin Scial Chain phase one BODA SKINS - Mens Measurement Guide UNBOXING | BODA SKINS LEATHER JACKET | TUBERFACE Classic Biker Jacket | Boda Skins | Leather Jacket

what we are working on

Federation House

Building a Community

Social Chain

Social Chain new Crib


a cool company in a cool crib

In the press

good luck guys , hope you loveyour new home 🙌 https://t.co/Q69DFJ8mcJ

Believe it .. that film is full of amazing stuff https://t.co/p2MLJZVoWy

so good guys thanks for saying yes 🙌🙌🙌 to @FederationMCR https://t.co/Wyxu3GuZtb

Sweet words dude ta for listening 😈 https://t.co/QY9EcSKnFT

suns out ,reminds me of the time i spent in Verona ... must go back soon 😍😍😍 https://t.co/oQIr6WMlMp

Super summary of what's happeing in Manchester , loving all of our spaces on show must use this as our showreal... https://t.co/lht0orazmn

P081030003 P081030001 P081030002 CONTEMPORARY DECOR| modern furniture for your home  | bocadolobo.com/ #contemporarydesign #contemporarydecor Zaha Hadid Architects Zaha Hadid at GSAPP@Columbia University Zaha Hadid at GSAPP@Columbia University CONTEMPORARY DECOR| modern furniture for your home  | bocadolobo.com/ #contemporarydesign #contemporarydecor Imperfection Painting in London Going Google with Co-op Digital Colleagues BODA SKINS LEATHER JACKET // Men’s Fall Fashion Essentials Haul 2017 // Zara, H&M, Adidas, Topman Co-op Digital - first product team's move to Federation Building


A new home for ThoughtWorks in Fereation House

Valtech London

An amazing space in London @Valtech

26 Lever street roof top extension

A big thanks the Hawkins Brown and The Neighberhood

Eon France

EON Reality France

Carat Manchester

Oh yes ..., look out for something that’s going to hurt #LoveWhatYouDo 😍 https://t.co/DOZPwjQQxP

got a sweet gift from somebody that has so many problems around evaluating people abilities LOL ,,, hugs Becca Taylor you do need to get out more ........ come on Beth Maria Knowles what is going on xxxx ps my application to Mensa has just been turned down 😶

🙌🙌🙌 https://t.co/CPZoRic9UD

Wow did learn some new stuff from these guys at @joliestudioltd yep going to love team tagging #LoveWhatYouDo tha… https://t.co/tO2SujU2AG

Check out Peak & their 360 views of Manchester 😝 We helped them make their new home.. pretty cool, don't you... https://t.co/EacboAajRl

Loved working on this project with the awesome guys over at @Peak_HQ one of the coolest buildings in Manchester... https://t.co/SDMjttKkoe

52d305b4f414cea33997f3f3d46965a3.jpg (730×1095) 52d305b4f414cea33997f3f3d46965a3.jpg (730×1095) ZaHa_aHaH Central Park the mobile art pod 52d305b4f414cea33997f3f3d46965a3.jpg (730×1095) like a Van Gogh painting Valtech - London walk through Valtech - London Co-op Digital - Inspired Spaces North entry 2017 Review: Boda Skins Kay Michael X Leather Jacket BODA SKINS - Summer Skin, Malibu

56 Princess Street

56 Princess Street

Carat Leeds

Carat Leeds

Our Home 15 Stanley Street

Valtech Manchester

Roof Top Garden

on 26 Lever Street

One of my favourite place in this amazing building https://t.co/mlvvWMYEtj

Sweet words dude ta for listening 😈 https://t.co/QY9EcSKnFT

super cool ladies looking forward to working together. P>S learned a lot of respect 🙏

Loved working on this project with the awesome guys over at @Peak_HQ one of the coolest buildings in Manchester… https://t.co/l8jHTMxLFG

@construction_mc @ateliermb @LSHtweets Northern hugs 👈🏼

RT @cu1turesponge: Just completed my #mayfieldconsultation questionnaire. Please maintain/sustain curiosity in/through community participat…